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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I'm still say that if you want to be a professional looking company and not a joe blow, you'll bill monthly, as any other legimate service company does. What if you had to send in a check everytime you used the phone or everytime you watched TV? per service just isn't a way to operate a legit business.
So A&P super market is not a real business?

Mobil gas stations are not a real business?

Restaurants are not real business'?

Barber shop is not a real business?

Macy's is not a real business?

Utilities provide a continuous service 24/7. There are meters to record usage automatically. This is why they bill you monthly. Pay the water co. after you flush your morning piss. Then pay the water co to fill your coffee pot and the gas co. to perk your coffee. Then pay the water co. to take a shower and the gas co. to heat the water. You didn't even cook breakfast yet or left the house. You could wind up writing 30 checks before you go to work.

Those that need the trappings of large corporation to feel they have a real business must have self image issues.
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