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First Fert. and Spray Program - Help

Hey guys...starting to put together my first fert/spray program for the upcoming season. (Yes, I am licensed!) Because I am at the northern tip of the U.S. (Maine/Canadian border), my JDL guy suggested a 4-step program.

This is roughly what I have come up with so far:

Round 1 - Late May: 19-0-6 with 0.10 Dimension Pre
Round 2 - Mid/late June: 25-0-6 and liquid broadleaf
Round 3 - Early/mid July: 24-0-8 with 0.20 Merit grub control AND/OR liquid broadleaf
Round 4 - Mid/late August: 32-0-10 and liquid broadleaf
Lime if needed

A few questions:

1. Do you think 4 rounds is sufficient? Would a September fert. be too late in the season for me, providing that temps will get into the 30's at night in October?

2. How is the best way to price post apps on a proposal? The first time will most likely be a blanket app, but after that I'm thinking blanket apps won't be necessary, so I feel I might not get business if all apps include the price of a blanket post-emerge app. Should I just add X amount of labor expense into the price of a fert. app to account for whatever spot spraying might have to be done, as the chem. cost for spot spraying would be minimal?

Any help would be appreciated!!

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