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Each area is different. In my area (next to Chicago) we service alot of small properties. We can do 50 lawns in one day (one crew 2 or 3 guys) easy and our average lawn price is $25. Some lawns take 3 to 5 min to mow. No lie! I've timed them. I understand the responsiblity you have when you get a employee. It's really not that bad. It's actually great! You don't have to do as much of the labor. That's how business works. You hire people for labor and do the jobs while you look for the jobs and or help with the labor until you get bigger. If you stay solo you'll always be solo and never grow. I was solo for 4 years while I went back to school. Customers look at you differently when you have employees. It makes you look more professional. Bringing in more work and more work equals higher profits.
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