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Originally Posted by recycledsole View Post
thank you guys. I am looking for training and dont want to start out just from knowledge ive found on the net.

country: i will do srt and drt depending on the situation. thanks for your reccomendation.
rsk: thanks for your input. i saw the portawrap it looks good. i think you must have a helper? what kind of climbing line do you use?

greenia: thanks. what is the difference between double strand and 16 strand?
yah you need a helper with a porta wrap, but I wouldn't try to take down a tree without one. I almost always have someone with me, very seldom do i do any jobs alone, i would much rather pay someone 12-15 dollars per hour to just hold a ladder when clean gutters or hold a rope or whatever then try and do everything myself and not be as safe. I don't actually use any rope for climbing and haven't taken down many trees that I needed to climb, because I am not a tree service yet. Its not that i'm climbing tree's with no rope, I'm just not climbing at all yet. pretty much everything is a notch a drop situation or if its really going the other way i'll thrown a line in it to make sure it goes the right way. I really don't want to get into climbing at all. I'll probably buy a bucket truck when i think my landscaping business operates smooth without me being in the field every day.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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