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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
You know I will wash my hands, before and after.

Tell me you have not used a screw driver as a stethoscope. It works.
Yes i have used a screwdriver before, you can hear movement with one.

I think the point of my posts are going over some heads though.

When a client is grumped about a possible leak, the quickest and easiest way to prove or disprove a leak is through a pressure test.

If the pressure holds, no leak. Pressure won't hold, there is a leak. Case closed, you can't be held acountable for a leak that isn't there.

Water leaks are tough to pinpoint unless there is a visual clue to its whereabouts. Leaking water can be heard a long way off but if you induce air into the system it is much easier.

The sound of water travels along the pipe similar to EMF, lower frequencies travel longes distances.

The sound of air escaping a pipe into saturated soil is unique and unmistakeable.

I have a lot of money invested in leak detection equipment but only a couple hundred in pressure induction guages and fittings/adapters.
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