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I don't think $8 an hour starting is too low, matter of fact I think minimum wage is on the high side, it would be a different story if this were a national chain or even a large local business that's well known all over town, and maybe yours is all that but I know in my case, it's not.

And that's why they don't come to me first choice, maybe you they do.
But not my business, no sir.

First they've already tried everyone else, or maybe they can't think of anyone else at the moment.
Get my drift?

They come to me when all other avenues have been exhausted, right about when nobody else will hire them, or as a last resort...
And they might act like they have options, but chances are they're all out of those.
That's when they come to me.

So what do you think, I'm going to pay them more?
Than the folks who would not hire them?

Kid yourself not.

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