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Originally Posted by csl View Post
We charge $3.50 per foot with one color, and we are on the high end. There are a few local yocals who try to chrage $2.25, but it is very poor quality. With six guys, we got 1450 linear feet done in a day this summer. Add $.50 a foot for sod cutting and $1.00 for stamping. Material cost is about $.44 a foot for sand, type I/II, fiber and juice.
Borderline does training classes in arizona, do not try to learn on your own, go to the class.
So if you are doing a new construction before the sod is installed you charge 3.50 for the curb and 1 color. Every one will want a stamp.... so you are now at 4.50 and then another 50 cent to cut the sod.

If I had to guys you are able generate about foot for just under $2.00 and obviously, you would have a minimum fee / footage for mobilization.

So if you bought the equipment new & 28K ( I assume that includes some training?) then you would need to produce 14K of curb to pay off the equipment.
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