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I had a business this past summer with my neighbor. We had 12 or so clients. I used the money I made to buy a my equipment while he just put it in the bank. He had equipment from his dad while I had to work for everything myself. After the season was over I told him him I wanted to split because I prefer working by myself over working with someone and splitting profit 50 50. Currently, I have 7 or so residential clients that I will not start working for until March. The max these yard bring in is 200-300 a month since all my mowing has been in my neighborhood. How does a contract like that hurt me? I much would rather be getting one large(r) check a month than check after each time I mow. If you are thinking that I am under pricing how could I bring up my prices without losing clients? As for college, I would like to go out of state and I have two more summers to mow.
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