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Sorry I let this thread go! With the holidays and a couple snows storm we've had I've been busy haha

Originally Posted by maelawncare View Post
Don't go with only a ipad. You need it as a compliment to another.
Yes the plan is to have both.

Originally Posted by weeble67 View Post
I to am an Apple guy (you are again warned) and I love the products. I have utilized my iPad several times and don't regret it one bit. I use a Otterbox for it and have never had a problem. I like the way my iPhone, and Mac Book Pro communicate and functions seamlessly. I vote for the Ipad.
I have the iPhone and it seems to connect well with my PC so I'm presuming the iPad would work just as well

Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
I am looking to go with something like this Samsung. It is a larger tablet at 11.6", and can dock with a separate keyboard to make it much like a laptop. I need a tablet for the new software we are going with, which is Hindsite Solutions. With the tablet in the field, I can easily enter all the info from the jobsite, which then uploads back to QB at the office. Then if I'm doing a lot of QB data entry, or word/excel/photo type work, I can dock with the keyboard.

My current laptop, which is on its second battery that is almost shot, will live at the office with QB and the full Hindsite software on it. I can access both with a secondary program that lets me log in remotely. I've never used a Mac/Apple machine, and don't want to change over at this point. Not that I have anything against it, just never used either.
I honestly think that I'd like to switch over to Mac at some point, BUT may main issue is I'd have to re-purchase Quickbooks and my landscape design software. Big $$ there. I also have all of my photography and graphics design software from when I went to college (and was purchased at an extremely discounted rate through the college) that I still use all the time. I think I'm kinda stuck in the PC world.

Originally Posted by New2TheGreenIndustry View Post
If the battery is dead, why not buy a new one? I find you will need a laptop or desktop for certain applications, and then a tablet will work in others. You might need to think about an integrated approach to design, estimates, billing, etc.
its not so much the battery, I have my laptop wired up like a desktop with a separate keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, etc. So anytime I want to make it mobile, I have all that stuff to unhook.
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