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Here are the anchors we used. They worked very well. It was an interesting project. The HO at the bottom of the hill had the concern as stuff was falling on him. The slope was too step to walk in most places. It was clearly coming down.

I discusssed with several engineers and they started talking about 10 to 20 foot walls and bids in the hundreds of thousands.

At the top of the hill was a poured in place 10' high retaining wall and another house. The water would shed off the roof, down the back yard and jump that retaining wall. Jump a 15' wide bio swale / bearm ( just clear the whole thing) then down that 70' high slope to the bottom. We fixed part of that bottom half one year. From there the hill turned. So we fixed the side adjacent to the HO's drive way.

The point of the hill broke away and came down. That left a 25' shear drop at the top cause all the dirt came off the face. We came back and fixed that. I wish I had done it a little different now but we litererally lifted up by hand.

I noted at the time that top retaining wall was coming down. Called the city and stuff but they did not listen. About 2 years later the top wall came down but most of my stuff held. Kind of hard for it to hold up with all that coming down on it. The HO said the city did recall my warnings LOL.

I would suggest these anchors over the rebar.

I might look and see if I can find some photos for you.
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