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Originally Posted by Pittsburgh Stone83 View Post
I understand for those who's services pertain only to landscape/ lawn maintenance, and installation this concept doesn't appear as lucrative. As these types of services is how our company was originally founded on 30 years ago and expanded to other services that are more complex namely the hardscape services. The amount of installation knowledge and tool identification and usage is much more broad. Not to say there is anything wrong with strictly offering landscape/maintenance services as I work with companies that only offer such services and are very successful. I'm stating the time involved with educating new employees on the main fundamentals of hardscaping is very timely and financially consuming. Not to mention if I know a candidate paid for entry level education, has the 3 month field experience, and proper attendance it gives me a better sense of the candidates mentality and capabilities. Most seasoned guys I get were taught poorly and to take them and break them of bad habits and implement proper techniques is a burden and a gamble. I get many recruits who were foreman for other companies, and despite their resumes, experience, and references they usually find out after the first week they are here to learn.
My partner was more of the hardscape guy but I fired him.

I decided a few years after starting to focus more on maintenance simply for cash flow and security. I positioning to work more installs, and construction because that is where the money it but the work is not so steady as mowing contracts.
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