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Good stuff so far guys.

I have been running two push mowers, with me and one worker, and taking care of around 20 properties. I am confident that I will get at least another 20 between now and April. I got the first 20 from June to August this year.

I'm thinking walk-behind over stander, because I have several properties with hills. I'm looking at all three that were mentioned, TORO, SCAG, and ExMark. Can standing mowers handle hills like a walk-behind?

Thanks for the advice on the Sulky. I never mind walking all day but I hadn't even considered the other guy. That would keep a worker much happier. Also, on the maintenance, I'll take that into consideration. I'll be busy but would probably save a ton doing my own maintenance.

So what I'm hearing is TORO, SCAG, and ExMark. Cut width from 30"-36". I believe with my price range of 2-3K I'll be getting a belt-drive, rather than a hydrostatic. If I do happen to find a hydro in that range, I'll go for it. A mower sold with a sulky is a huge bonus. Anything else I'm missing here?

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