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my personal opinion is to stay solo but it all depends on where you really want your business to be.

i don't mind doing everything and sacrificing things like vacations. but some want to be able to take a day or week off here and there and still have the business making them money.

i don't wanna deal with the headaches and responsibilities that come with having employees. i'm fine growing or keep my business with enough work for me, myself and i.

i don't really know where the idea comes from that you could only do 4 more lawns a day with an employee. i can turn about between 10 and 12 lawns a day solo. if i were to hire someone, i better be turning out at least 20-24 a day.

i don't think 20-24 lawns a day is unreasonable for a 2 man crew. and NO i don't mean postage stamp lawns or every lawn in the neighborhood. most of the lawns i service solo aren't postage stamp size and i turn out 10 a day so a helper should double that amount because i should be spending half the time on each property.
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