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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
You mowing postage stamps or every house on the block?
Hardly 10-15000 sq ft is about the average. I have at-least 25 one acre plus accounts one of them 4 acres.

As for clusters and I curse you for making me run down stairs and grab the lists to look this up. But for understanding my number purposes I'll break it down now

6 houses 1 cluster
5 houses 4 clusters
4 houses 4 clusters
3 houses 10 clusters
2 houses 21 clusters
the rest are singles

But the break down for drive time would cause many here to be envious My second crew has 110 accounts does that in 3 days and puts fewer than 75 miles on the truck to do it.

I drive a bit more with 80 or so accounts in 3 days and rack up about 110 miles.
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