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Originally Posted by kandalawncaremgr View Post
I have the residential down in my area but Im starting to get calls for some bigger areas, would you charge buy the acre or by the minute, this is where I get confused and always seem to get outbid or bid way to low and get beat up lol.
Number One, It is better to lose the job than to lose money.

I just got a look at an old bid for the city and the bids ranged from

22K to 350K. No kidding. Needless to say the guy that got the job for 22K did not get the contract extention so the city is bidding again.

You can bid by AC or SF which is what I do. Oddly, on a typical house yard in our area trimming and mowing is about equal. When you get to larger properties that might not be the case, particularly if you have wide open spaces.
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