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Looking for input on truck/ trailer set-up.

Hey guys,
Im thinking about next years set up and would appreciate some advice.
I am solo about 98% of the time with occasional help. The work I have been doing this year has been more landscaping/ clean up than mowing. 90% landscaping 10% mowing. Some tree work. Right now i have a toyota tundra which is great, but lacking in payload capacity. That is the only reason I am upgrading. The truck has a 1,200 lb payload and a 7k towing capacity. I have a car that i use as my personal vehicle so im not concerned about that.

Options that im considering:

1) 7k or 10k dual axle dump trailer w/ ramps underbed. This would come out to be atleast $7500 for the trailer alone. I have been strongly advised against buying new trailers. The total $ amount for my truck and trailer would be $14,000-$15000. I am concerned about driving w/ a trailer since i have never driven with one before.

-Slightly cheaper gas.
-Trailer can stay at home on days when not needed.
-Cheaper maintenance on truck (oil changes, etc...)

- No experience with trailer
- Trailer has less capacity than the f450 would - for leaves and trees.

2) Buying a ford f450 dump (year 2000 and up). I want to spend $12,000-$18,000 max. I would probably buy a single axle enclosed trailer for $3000 for equipment. Total would be $15,000-$18,000.

-Improved hauling capacity.

-Maintenance is more expensive.
-Gas is more expensive.

Thanks for your alls input I appreciate it. I do not know what kind of regular maintenance a f450 needs, but i know oil changes are atleast $100.
Thank you very much
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