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Picked up a donor Tiger Cub today. It's hour meter says 637.1. The only difference between this and mine was that I had a Kholver CV20S engine and this has a Kawasaki FH601V. Having this donor will make the restoration much easier I hope. I should now have everything I need and even 2 of some things. Attached are some pics. This mower was in a highway accident and the frame was twisted. Its owner was either going to buy my frame or I was going to buy his mower. His plan was to do what I am trying to do. He told me the mower did run after the highway wreck but that was about 1.5 years ago so it has been that long since it ran. The Kawi will turn over but not fire. I don't want to dismantle anything until I get the engine running in place first. I would also like to see if it moves under its own power so I have some confidence in the hyrdo parts. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get a Kawi FH601V engine running that has sat for 1.5 years I would sure like to hear them.
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