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Thanks for the advice ed2hess and teckjohn. I've spent a few minutes in in the garage with it. The battery read 8.4 volts on my multimeter. I have a slow charge at 2 amps on it. Both fuel tanks are bone dry. I am actually considering that a good thing at this point. It would really be something if all needs is some gas! The seat frame is pretty mangled and I basically just want to get the seat out of the way at this point. The attached pic shows how a bolt got bent (along with everything else) in the wreck. It is one of 2 bolts that go through a pair of hinges that hold the seat to the frame. It is actually the better of the 2 bolts. I will probably have to cut the other one to get it out so I can get the seat off. We'll see what happens once the battery is charged.
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