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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
This unit is almost 10 years old......I am going to get it running one way or another and for less than $20, not counting labor. It helps me understand how to fix stuff quick on new machines.
I put another piston on it since the one on the unit had a little chunck out of the skirt. As expected that changed nothing. I did verify my carb is working by putting it on another machine. I did a compression test and it was 90. I tested another 261T with about same age and it tested 90 and starts and runs fine.

I guess I should bump this up to the stump the mechanic I think I now know what the problem may be and I missed the biggest clue that is shown in those first pictures. Anybody have an idea?
From the looks of things, you should have replaced the seal behind the flywheel. All that grit, you might wanna take a close look at the shaft/ seal
contact area.

Do you not have a vac./pressure tester?
It ain't rocket science! far.

'Course if yer house has more wheels than yer truck...
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