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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
The words "solo" and "vacation" don't go well in the same sentence.

After the season starts in late March (this year, mid-March), the next day off will be Thanksgiving. This year, I did take July 4 off, the first in a long time. The grass wasn't growing well, and I only had a couple of entries on the list.

Other than that, six days, full days, every week. All else is taken off the schedule. I never work on Sunday.

When somebody who is working 40 hours per week for an employer says, "I want my own business, so that I can set my own working hours," I have to chuckle. In the present setting, you have an obligation to manage 40 hours per week. When you are solo with your own business, you manage all 168 hours per week. Thinking "setting my own working hours," is going to be easier than the 40 hours, is being delusional.
I'll work all 168 to keep from going back to that 40 though!
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