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Originally Posted by Breezmister View Post
As long as that wire is not grounding out, even if you take it off from the coil, if the coil is good, it wouldn't stop it from giving spark.

One wire comes from the tab on the coil to the switch, the second wire come from the switch to a ground on the coil. When you turn the switch off, it grounds the coil.

I have had a wire (the one coming from the coil) where the covering was worn, and rubbed against the housing causing the coil to ground out.
Thats what I was getting at in my previous post.I too have had an intermittent no run caused by a chaffed compromised grounding wire.Thats why I suggested to completely unplug it from the coil and eliminate it from the equation . Could be bleeding off enough current in the spark to not allow it to fire under compression.Spark plug in open air you may see some spark there.
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