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Originally Posted by lil View Post
Could someone please explain the difference between these machines?
They are the same size motor and roughly the same price and weight, yet the air throughput varies greatly.

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Actually there is a great deal of difference between the blowers. When people look at blowers they tend to focus on Mph figure and the one they pick will be the highest. The BR-550 has a 199mph while the BR-600 Has a 201Mph, Not a lot of difference so why the big difference in price?

That's easy, it's called CFM. The thing to focus on is the CFM, or cubic feet per minute, of air volume that the blower is capable of pushing. It is the volume of air moved, not the speed of the air flow, which has the biggest impact on moving leaves and other debris.

The BR-550 has 530 CFM of air Volume, The BR-600 has 712 CFM of air Volume. That's what you need to focus on not the max speed. Manufacturers use the max speed of there blowers to catch the eye and there customers. So depending on what you're buying the blower for you need to buy accordingly.
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