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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
This unit is almost 10 years old......I am going to get it running one way or another and for less than $20, not counting labor. It helps me understand how to fix stuff quick on new machines.

I guess I should bump this up to the stump the mechanic I think I now know what the problem may be and I missed the biggest clue that is shown in those first pictures. Anybody have an idea?
Determination separates the wannabe mechanics from the truly gifted...
Most think the job is easy just because you diagnosed and fixed a trimmer in 5 minutes..
They don't realize how many engines kicked your ass to make you so smart...
They also complain about paying a minimum charge when you make it look easy...
Pay Your Dues.....To The Victor Go The Spoils....

Thanx for the pictoral threads Ed....
Happy New Year.....Slapper
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