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Now I have a sister in a public service union for the state. And when it gets tight and there is no money to give these blood suckers how do they vote. Do they vote to freeze wages that year so all their members (the members they care about) keep their jobs. NOPE they vote for raises that result in 2000-5000 of their members getting fired with out fail. What do they care its done by seniority not work quality or attitude. No you're been here 20 years your burnt out and do more harm than good you get to keep your job. Instead the 10 year and under guys the ones who still believe in their work you guys got to go your seniors want their raises.
I haven't seen too many public service workers who care about anything but a paycheck. I do think the older workers at least have a better work ethic than the younger ones who just took the job so they can retire after 20 years with a big fat pension and benefits that we pay for for the rest of their lives. As a country this is one of the biggest problems we face in coming to terms with the economy. There is some logic in dumping the younger workers before they become life-long leaches on the system. Fire the older workers and we still pay for them.
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