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Something to consider is I sub out all my advanced SketchUp (3d) work. I was pretty darn good with SU (if I do say so) several years ago, but in that time I've seen a lot of guys blow past me in terms of skill and talent. I had to choose between spending loads of time trying to catch up, or focusing on my core business and subbing that portion out. Subbing it was the way to go. I still do the simpler stuff in house, but anything where it needs to look photorealistic, or anything that'll take me more than 3-4 hours to model, gets outsourced. (and to be clear, outsourced to a guy on the east coast, not overseas. Nope. Won't do that)

If you want to do 3d modeling in house using SU, hit me up and I'll walk you through how I do terrain. It's dead simple/
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