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1. the first link you give has the domain misspelled.

2. I'm still waiting, as I type this for the correct domain to actually load..

3. Overall first glance I like the look of it.

4. Sorry, have to say it, it is PAINFULLY slow, now waiting for "About" page to load. And I know it isn't me, I'm trying to have other services such as try to look at your site, and it is erroring out for the response taking too long.

Ok, GT finally got the site to load, from it's report ( Under the Breaddown heading, choose "TimeLine") it took 21 seconds before the server even started feeding out the source code for the page (browser was sitting there at a blank window without even a "Title" displaying) It was a total of 52 seconds for the entire page to fully load.

Seriously this is something that needs looked into first thing. Google now factors in page load. Most people will be hitting their back button before then to get back to search results/directory listing thinking the site is dead.

I just tried some of the other sites on the same server as you (can be found at ) and while still slow on load times, they are no where near the slowness of your site at the time I'm trying to visit. What is the difference between the ones I happened to hit? Your site is on a Windows Server, and all the ones I did try going to are using Windows Servers's native language and most likely MS's SQL Server, where you are running wordpress which uses PHP/mySQL.

When I had to contact Webhost4Life for a client who hosted with them, the person I got was halfway decent, so you may want to ask them about the slowness.

I'll take another look later, as right now it is too painful to navigate


PS, I just went to close domain listing I had opened for your site, and as I was about to close it, noticed a funny thing: The client I had that also used the same hosting company you do, is from same area as you.

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