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Originally Posted by Michael J. Donovan View Post
we have changed the color of the heading for each post to be a bit darker...let us know if that looks better to you

Speaking strictly in usability terms, and with a blend of the subjective and objective for you, Michael...

I still think it's a bit too ethereal and dream state'y with the pastel palette and each color marginally transitioning to the next. Until we naturally get use to it, there's a focus change that rests solely on the membership's ability to do so. And we've been conditioned to breathe high contrast here for [looks at join date] a reeeeally long time.

Color palette aside, I don't "get" the daytime/nighttime change. No offense to whoever pushed for that, but it's 10-15 yr old gimmicky. It's akin to adding a visitor counter to a site. If the revision idea came across my desk, the question I would simply ask is "Why?" and "What does it really add?". To me, it only adds to the lack of comfort of visually reorienting to the site when a member returns. Some will look at is as "That's super cool!", while others will say, "Something's not right.".

Obviously, drastic color change is difficult and everyone will eventually adjust but, ultimately, do the visual changes that have been made function in the best interest of usability and readability? I'm all for evolution, but I don't think it's where it should be...yet.
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