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Originally Posted by Lazer_Z View Post
I hear ya on the drama they like to create, I saw a trailer for Ax men and it looks worse than before.

I think you guys did really good, I don't know how much editing was done to make things look god. I think you guys handled yourselves very well, it was kinda funny seeing you and Tom on TV rather than in a vid on You Tube.

It would be nice to see you guys do something like this again, but only time will tell. Congrats again & Happy early New Year
Thanks! Chris, Justin and I had a blast. We really had a good time on the show. I don't think a lot of editing was done to make things look good, but a lot of editing sure was done! I think they left out a lot of the strategy that we came up with for each challenge. Had to cut something out though, 4 days of filming for a 1hr show!

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