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I hung in there while it loaded. Yikes. First thing that came to mind was whether you purchased the theme from Themeforest or acquired it from another source. That one is floating around a ton of pirate sites, often having malware/backdoor scripts in them. (Just did a quick scan for malicious scripts and was told it was just scanned by someone else...and it's timing out trying to connect. I'll assume that was Greg. lol). Alternatively, your host has serious issues.

Logo: flat color shouldn't be saved as a jpg, which is why it's grainy. Your original needs to be saved as a gif or png. jpg is for photographic images.

SEO: Judging from the home page, you need to work on the various, basic SEO elements. Download the Yoast SEO or All-in-One SEO plugin for WP and that will help you get started. You'll also want to read Google's SEO Starter Guide and SEOmoz's. Create Google and Bing Webmaster accounts, and you're off and running.

Really all I can offer now due to the site load issues. When you get that sorted out, just yell.
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