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Just got a couple of other pages to load.

I'd suggest playing with the main content's font size, as well as going a darker shade of gray (lighter shade of black? ) You have a lot of content on the pages, but reading it is a bit of a visual chore.

Be careful with duplicate content. Your site has a fair amount that's been sourced from elsewhere, with much of what I'm seeing coming from a West Coast LCO. (editorial: I don't know if this is becoming more of an issue or if it's because I've now added it in to my site review checklist that I notice it's prevalence. My guess is, the latter.)

And the more I look, the more this is shaping up like the review I recently did that I asked to have removed by the mods. I spent a ton of time doing a thorough review for a member that was nothing but stolen/borrowed/appropriated/whatever content. For example, the picture of the McMansion on still has it's original file name via this site:

Oh, boy...
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