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True Professionals Don't Mind Lowballers and Novices

You hear it all the time, or at least I do...

"I'm sick and tired of the lowballers and scrubs ruining everything. They underbid me and they drive the price down and I can't compete."

You can do one of two things here.... you can get angry (which most lawn & landscape business owners do) or you can get BETTER!

Take the opportunity to truly separate yourself and your business from the "here-today-gone-tomorrow" guys working for beer money. Create scripts and marketing pieces that show the clear difference between you and the people who are not serious about this profession.

Explain why people should hire you. Describe the benefits of doing business with you. Show why you are different and clearly better. Don't assume or take for granted that a potential client can see the differences. This is your job - educate them, make it clear.

It will pay off.

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