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Originally Posted by TomG View Post
Thanks! Yea what the show didn't explain was I had never even sat in a telehandeler before. I got shown the controls by a CAT rep that was onsite and I had literally 5 min to practice, so our strategy was for me to just get the cars unstacked and put them anywhere as fast as I could and Justin would smash them out of the way, and he did. haha. I think they did a really good job with the show. Thought it came out great! And I had a blast!
Oh yea no doubt, I never used one either. That's a once in a lifetime opportunity, it looked like a blast. I guess your friends with Justin and the other guy, that was a good team who could handle equipment. The green team thought they had it wrapped up, I was rooting you guys on, you know the hardscpapers have to stick together.
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