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Originally Posted by FastMan View Post
Do you personally like them? Some of my customers do. Others detest their lawn looking like a checker board. They want the look of a sprawling and solid palette of green. They think it less busy, and more relaxing and pleasing to look at.

What are your personal feelings on it, and what do your customers prefer?
personally I stripe each and every lawn to the best of my mowers capability.

as for the clients. no one has ever said a work either way. it's not something that's asked and there really isn't an option as far as I'm concerned.

my mower is set up to stripe and I'm not gonna change it because half a dozen clients don't want those stripes.

but I do feel some spend too much time on stripping. like the guys who have there lines going straight through a flag pole or tree. I know how it's done and I'm not gonna waste my time going back over rows just so the circle isn't seen.
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