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In taking it apart to do the vac test I pulled the flywheel. To my surprise there was a lot of caked gunk back there, something I couldn't see when I peeped behind with the flywheel on.

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I did the vac test and it was holding at about 45...don't know of mercury or something.
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Then I got the bright idea to do a pressure test. But instead of using my brake vac device I got the leak tester. So I sit pressure at 40 and though i felt a small leak so I went to 50.

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This got in before the picture of glasses
I decided to put on NEW gaskets and a NEW seal on flywheel side(other side already done) and give her a try. I checked the iso plate for flatness. But it was changed out anyway.

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Just as I was lowering my face toward the air leak the crankshaft seal blew out and hit my grasses

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Got to order seal....Happy New Year
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