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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
I have done some work with them, last time was 25 years back i think. it boils down to a lot of hand work.

Gabions used to come in pieces and you assembled them with no.9 galv wire.

The cobble had to be hand sorted and placed where there was basicaly no voids.

I would use a demo hammer with a rod driver to put the 7/8" steel in.

The hand labor can be the killer.

If you have any inspections/inspectors they can make or break these jobs.

I dont remember what size we used offhand
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we used excavators to put rock down by the baskets and then hand placed the rock. very high labor. have to put the baskets together by hand. also used #9 wire to tie together. like you said the inspectors can make it a very long and unpleasant job. we usually did well on these jobs because nobody likes doing them
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