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Originally Posted by Brucelawns View Post
Duekster, yea, on average we can do 40 lawns a day in an 8 hr day but have easily done 50 lawns a day with a two man or three man crew. I live in a highly populated area and the houses are plentiful. We have never done a acre house at a residential property. No such thing around me. Unless you go out west 30 to 45 min. Then maybe. I have read alot of these threads and the biggest thing is knowing your numbers and that takes time and experience. The young guys starting out shouldn't be discouraged because in due time you have to figure your numbers out to make a profit. This job is definitly not for everyone but it can be a fun one and profitable if you get educated.
Understood but the 50 lawns a day does not jive with most peoples post.
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