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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Yeah I get it, I appreciate what is going on too
Now we're talkin'!
it's not about being old fashioned or whether I have a FB page or not, it's that I consider this type of behavior spamming and that isn't something I want to associate myself with so if my customers don't want to like my page so be it because I'll die of hunger before I lower myself to these standards.
Uh-oh... This completely contradicts your opening comment. Not only is it not "spammy", it's 100% opt-in.

It reads a bit dramatic, so I would have to guess there's some misunderstanding as to what's going on here. "I'll die of hunger before I lower myself to these standards." is not only overly dramatic, but it implies every other person here is doing something wrong, which is in no way the case. What do you think is occurring here that leads you to your conclusion?

Here's what is happening: As a courtesy, the businesses are liking each other's Page. The result? People will see that X number of people/businesses have liked a Page. If it does anything, it might kick-start a herd mentality in that "Hey, 12 Likes for this Page? Cool, I guess I'll Like it, too.". That's pretty much the sum gain. There is very little SEO benefit here, there is no spamming, there is no gaming of anything. It actually accomplishes very, very little. Search Engines do use Likes as a signal, but it's so low as to be inconsequential. For this, you can actually blame spammer abuse. SEO-wise, there are 100 other things people should concentrate on before getting to Likes on their list of things to accomplish.

When I read the OPs initial post, a topic that comes up on Lawnsite frequently enough (Here's my FB Page, please like it.), I was wondering if anyone would follow up his "Hey let's help each other out by liking each others page on facebook" with the simple question of "How does that help each other out?". To me, the biggest gain is idea sharing of how people are marketing their own Pages.

In the web sub-forum, I started a New Year's Resolution thread that partially addresses Facebook marketing.
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