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Originally Posted by Maple Wood View Post
I would like to get a new web site. My current site site is straight out of a can and does not give the results I am after. I have spent some time googling website designers and am at the point of information overload . Any one have some recommendations?
If you haven't done so, I'd really recommend making a pot of coffee and just work your way back through this sub-forum. Arming yourself with the info will help better identify, or whittle down, the candidates you put together. Today's a good day to do it while my beloved, and hugely mediocre, Big Ten football teams monopolize the New Year's Day bowl games. lol

Your topic comes up often enough, and you'll find advice from quite a few of us re: what to look for in a developer/designer/web marketer. I'd also really recommend that you take the time to read the site review request posts as you'll also help yourself in identifying what makes a site a good site, the usual pitfalls, SEO issues, design thoughts, etc.
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