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While your web site may not be flashy, it does accomplish one very simple goal that soooo many others miss. You state clearly, right up front, the service areas.

I have clicked on other threads about "how is my site," and search high-low, never to find where the LCO is working. We can easily loose sight that web pages are available to a global audience, and cannot assume that only those in our area will view the site.

I do not have a page, but do follow the process and effectiveness of the entire appeal of web pages. Somebody mentioned above SEO issues, and this is very important. Yes, page content is important, but good content does not matter if a seeker never gets to your page. Think through the seeker of your services. What questions might they ask to find your pages? Will your design bring up your pages to the top on a search? If you are buried on the second or third page of choices, few, if any, seekers will ever see your content.

Perhaps LS is not the best place to get advice about SEO. No, mark that, ... LS is not the best place. You need to find a person very familiar with web design, who does this work every day (successfully), not somebody who is keen on straight stripes across a lawn (due respect given to both skills). But, I think this was your initial question -- how to find somebody? Surely you know somebody locally who works with web pages. They may not want the work, may not be in a position to help, but can point you to another source. This is why business networking is important.
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