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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Perhaps LS is not the best place to get advice about SEO. No, mark that, ... LS is not the best place. You need to find a person very familiar with web design, who does this work every day (successfully), not somebody who is keen on straight stripes across a lawn (due respect given to both skills).
Count me among the people who just shot coffee from their nose...

A.) A couple of us do fall under the umbrella of subject matter experts on this and spend quite a bit of time volunteering to help people out.

B.) It would seem the best place to get referrals would be from those successful within your own industry. After this, the goal is to identify those candidates that are actually good at doing their job. That's the hard part.

C.) I would never recommend a local web company who works with other local LCOs. Ever. There have been a couple of great examples here of exactly why this is a problem. It's akin to paying one football coach to coach two teams who are both playing each other.
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