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Here are some pics of our 550 with stellar hook.
After owning one I would not go with out now.

First is a 10 yard box we use for mulch and light debris as well as hauling snow.
Second is same box moving a skid. It is overweight. This size truck will not replace a trailer but we needed to move the skid a few miles and the was no trailer around.
3rd is building a leaf box.
4th is Building a contractor box. We use this box daily on is what is on the truck the most.
We also have a salt box with salter mounted at all times. I will look for more pics.

The truck is great. I wish the rear axle was farther back though. It is pretty easy to overload the truck. The truck scales around 12k lbs typically. In perspective our 08 dump is in the 11.5k range. So in this size not a huge payload loss but they are not huge capacity trucks to start.
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