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That's a good lookin' truck ryde307! I appreciate the feedback. I plan to use either truck for light landscape duties(hauling brush and mulch, limited quantities of stone, fall cleanups, and junk removal) I feel like the SnG would probably be better(and as you mentioned cheaper) for what I plan to use it for, but if I go with the hooklift I could possibly add dumpster rental to my list of services and bring in additional income. I feel like the hooklift would also last longer, but being heavier built it eats up more payload. With that said I'm still considering each of the three trucks posted. I like the Ford, but as you mentioned the hooklift bodies are more expensive, but at $46,000 it's a decent deal and only has 30,000 miles on it. The GMC is by far the best deal, but the truck is in Nevada and I'm looking at atleast a couple grand to have it shipped, plus it's the oldest of the three. The IH is the highest priced, but I get a brand new truck and it's right here in NC so I could make a little trip one weekend and avoid paying a shipper.
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