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I'm so glad to see some of you guys get it, Dave you sound like me on some of the other threads, I get so sick of reading guys post about how they "have no overhead" It's impossible to run a business with zero overhead. My biggest guestion that I've yet to get answered is from a "general" standpoint what is the best balance of debt, obviously I'm going to get "NO DEBT" answers and that would be nice, but I truly believe it's a balance issue for someone like me who is trying to grow their business. I don't want to fall into the undercapitilized catagory OR the to much debt burden catagory, so there must be a middle catagory. I've sat down and ran my numbers over and over I have not come up with a good number for contuined growth, I know I can't charge $60 per man hr though and continue to grow, new work would come in so slow I would end up drowning, that's where I figured 45 per man hr for a two man crew figured about right. I still make a decent profit but it's not so high that it scares away potential new clients. I can close about 60% of my deals with this number.
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