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I have been a licenced mechanic since 1982 ,I do know a few things about engines as I owned a cat -cummins-detroit diesel dealership,and yes this one has seized and no it wasnt running at the time .I had the blower sitting in my backyard with a proper snowblower cover on it for the summer while I built a new garage ,and when I went to start it last January ,it had seized .The blower is virtually new as stated before,and ran perfectly when I parked it and fully serviced it the end of the season before .The electric starter wouldnt budge it ,the rewind either ,and after removing the belt cover trying the pto end also had no effect .I pulled the plug,and filledthe cylinder with new dexron ,and left it to sit untill this past week ,while every week or so trying to turn it over [it has been in my garage since it was found seized ] .A local surplus shop has a few summer briggs 1150 engines brand new in the box ,but they are just a surplus dealer and have no knowledge on the products they sell ,so my question was what has to be swapped over to run one of these engines on my blower ie carb,blower housing,carb covers electric starter ,or does it go a little further including ignition,cams,etc .Its been a long time since I have swapped winter summer features on a small engine ,and none of them were ohv offshore stuff like this one .
I asked about the piston because if I tore this engine down and can get the piston out of the cylinder ,then I might swap a new one in it if its still worth it ,as I feel the pistons the most likely part to have seized as the crank is sitting in an oil bath ,but untill its torn down who knows .
I also asked if anybody might have a link to a service manual ,as I havent found anything online for this model .I live an hour from a dealer so dropping in for every little thing is a bit of a problem ,but I will see if they have one in stock in the next few weeks when I am in town .
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