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Originally Posted by PapaD View Post
At this time, there is no evidence that those who have chosen to retain an attorney are any better off than those who are still dealing directly with DuPont. That is why I previously asked if those who have an attorney could provide the rest of us with some information regarding their status that would give us some impetus to retain an attorney. So far, I have not seen any response that would make me think that they have improved their status by retaining an attorney.

My understanding is that the attorneys are getting 35% and more off the top. And you are paying expenses, such as their arborist, out of your share. If that is correct, why rush to an attorney now, when I can wait to see what DuPont offers and then make the decision.

Another question - when the proposed settlement of the class action suit is approved, will those who have an attorney and are suing separately have the option of participating in that settlement? If they do, what happens to their separate attorney regarding legal fees and expenses? If they do not have that option, their road to getting paid could get even longer.

All in all, even with the frustrations of dealing with DuPont, I prefer to keep open as many options as I can, especially when there does not appear to be any immediate benefit for me to retain an attorney at this time.
I understand. Thank's for answering.
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