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Originally Posted by jaec View Post
For my business I'll utilize Face book as a "notification platform" were my customers and others can see additional seasonal specials throughout the year (shrubs & hedges trimming specials, seasonal flowers install or new container install specials. I definitely will not utilize it as a chat room or for socializing venue.
I will start using it for those reason's as well.

I've only have my page and website up for a short time. My website has a feature so I can quickly write articles and they get directly uploaded to facebook and twitter so I can update my customers on pending snow storms (as they will want to know what the person that plows their driveway thinks the storm will do) and I post up seasonal tips reminding them of things they should call me to do, why they need to be done, ect.

Facebook will never replace having a website but it can help you do some things easier.
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