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personally i ignore my competition completely. whether its novices, low ballers, or another professional.

i focus my time and energy on my business. set my prices where i need them to make a profit for me. put out the kind of quality i need to maintain the kind of clients who hire me.

i don't care what joe's lawn is charging down the street. i don't care how ed's turf is doing things. i'm not concerned with what kind of quality pro man is putting out.

what matters to me is what yardguy is charging, what kind of quality yardguy is giving.

i don't compete with the others. meaning i don't negotiate price or quality of work. if someone gets an estimate, it is what is. it does no good to tell me what the other guys gave you for estimates. i'll simply tell you to hire them then. i've had that happen i can't tell you how many times. i give an estimate, they think on it and i get a call telling me they found so and so to do it for this much. i tell them, well, hire them then. chances are they really didn't find someone with that price but i don't negotiate price or quality.
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