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Originally Posted by Digdeep View Post
Great show Tom. I DVR'd all of them and enjoyed all of them. I have three questions for you-

1. Were the other operators easy to get along with?
2. Did you guys get much time to discuss each others backgrounds and construction focus, e.g. Demo, landscaping, etc.? I think it would have been cool to shoot the bull over a few beers with the other teams.
3. How did you like the equipment? It looks like CAT sponsored the whole show, and I know not everyone runs CAT equipment from your YouTube channels. Thanks.
The other guys on our episode were actually all really good guys, we got along great and I keep in touch with almost all of them to this day. We made fun of each other on the show, but I would have no problem working with any of them on the job site. We all went out to dinner each night so we got to know them really well. Tough to say about the equipment, we were only on them for a very short period of time for the challenges, and we only had 5 min to practice on each one directly before the challenge started. But the machines were nice.

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