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Originally Posted by MikeRi24 View Post
Hoses are a pretty easy fix. I had one blow out the last storm. Had the new one switched out and bled the system in about a half hour. For how cheap hoses are, its worth it to go buy an extra set of them and keep them in your truck along with the wrenches to change them and fluid. A quick fix that can easily be done in the field if need be.
Yeah, I think I am going to invest in a few spare parts for the thing, or maybe an entirely new plow haha who knows.

Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
Looked thought the thread, everything looks top notch and I love your truck. That's a good looking 7.3
Thank you, don't be fooled though, it has its fair share of dents and dings and scratches, and a hole or two haha. But she's still a decently presentable and pretty darn reliable work truck (knock on wood haha)

Everything on the truck did good this storm, what I got to do with it anyways. Except this morning the block heater wasn't on, yet it was plugged in. Come to find out the gfci outlet in the garage tripped so it didn't heat the truck. Unplugged truck, kicked outlet back on, soon as I plug in the truck it kicks. So I figured the heater went out on me, went and salted and plowed what needed plowed, called oreillys and they say they have a heater in stock, go to pick it up, its no where to be found of course. They had the replacement cord for it though, so decided to try it just on the off chance my cord was bad, (heard thats not too uncommon). Sure enough when I switched them, my cord had a bare spot in the ground wire that when I got the underside of the truck all nasty it got wet. $15 fix rather than $80

The Loooong drive at the apartment complex was hardpack snow/ice when I started, I applied salt, let it sit. Applied more, let it sit then broke it up and pushed it all out of there with the truck. Then applied again. Took a little bit haha but they wanted it cleaned
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