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Originally Posted by coolluv View Post
I live in the real world. Most people that come to this forum are interested in starting a business because they either lost a job and can't find another due to the economy or are following a passion or dream. Most don't have unlimited funds to purchase all the equipment they need or have the amount of money it takes to advertise to get the results you specify.

I know of several local businesses that have grown fast and are very successful. But they did so with hundreds of thousand of dollars of initial investment to be able to market the business and buy the necessary equipment. That's not the norm. I'm sure you have ran and help others run businesses that are successful. But your example was not of a new business as you stated. But you gave the impression (To me at least) that that was the case.

Your participation in the discussion not teaching a class was misleading at best. YOU are held to a higher standard as you are the expert here. I don't have your credentials only my real world experience. I used to worry about lowballers but I have come to realize that those customers are not the customers I want. I started with what most start with.....A truck and a few mowers and very little money. It took me 3 years just to break even. I'm not bank rolled or rich. I started this because of losing a job and not being able to find one for a long time. I have always worked out doors and enjoy doing so. I enjoy what I do now.

But it takes time to grow and learn from mistakes ....and make enough money to make ends meet. Most are like me and are learning as they grow. If I had a huge amount of cash to start with...well yeah I would be a lot further along. But like me most don't. So I stand by what I said.

You are obsessed with the idea that I am referring to this kind of success based on having a lot of money to start with. I did not start with any money. In fact, didn't even have a truck - had to borrow my Mom's station wagon, return it every night with gas and cleaned inside and out.

The young man I am referring to did not start with any money either. He is in his 5th year of business.

In 2013 you do not need money to advertise a business in this industry. Give me $200 and some time and I can grow a business as big as I want it to be. It's about effort, salesmanship, and technology.

You have the very unfortunate and misguided belief that it takes money or being bankrolled to be a success or grow a business....once again, very incorrect.
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